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    Plant Assembly, Installation & Maintenance

    Does that big thing need a bit of love?

    It might look simple to the average person, but the logistics and management required to move and assemble plant is often underestimated. Our experience with big, heavy machinery makes us perfectly positioned to understand what it takes to make something of this nature happen. And with strong technical and managerial expertise, we can undertake any plant assembly and installation.

    Once it’s in, it’s really hard to get out, so you gotta take care of it. We see this service as a natural progression from our Plant Assembly & Installation service, but we also know that there are cases where the installation company is no longer around. If you have big machinery that needs a bit of love to keep going, look no further. Let our plant maintenance service take care of it.

    • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service
    • Project management with commitment to completion on time and within budget
    • Project plan creation and preparation of detailed work schedules
    • Fully equipped heavy engineering facility
    • Mobilisation of skilled and non-skilled trades and specialist subcontractors
    • High level workmanship to industry standards